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bogdan » ah.. when i was little my dream was to b …

07:14 pm on Apr 1, 2009 | #more | tags: ,

ah.. when i was little my dream was to be a musician. it's still is. or a playboy photographer. i got myself a camera, but didn't quite find the right music instrument to play at. andre michelle wrote this nice flash app which made me think i could have been the greatest techno artist ever. enjoy!

bogdan » legi și fotografi:legea care protejea …

07:44 pm on Mar 31, 2009 | #more | tags: ,

legi și fotografi:
legea care protejează imaginile pe internet 8/1996 (art. 7, lit. F), locurile publice sunt definite în Codul Penal, art. 154, conceptul de «privacy» apare în directiva EC, art. 12 și 14. cam atât.

bogdan » not sick =)

04:50 pm on Mar 24, 2009 | #more | tags:

hihihi. the «still sick» tag will be gone tomorrow. until then - and please don't be hasty and judge me - school girl complex (via violet blue). i almost forgot the link. here.


bogdan » joan miró

12:15 am on Mar 21, 2009 | #more | tags:

joan miró, bleu II.

joan miró, bleu ii