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bakemonogatari - episode 6

in the realm of storytelling, i’ve always been drawn to the pulse of new and captivating ideas. while i typically prioritize substance over style, there are rare instances where the delivery of a narrative leaves me mesmerized. that’s what Bakemonogatari did to me these past days.

the dynamic interplay of characters, particularly the witty exchanges between the main protagonists, is nothing short of spellbinding. each dialogue exchange feels like a verbal duel, filled with raw, visceral ideas that challenge societal norms and plunge viewers into a realm of discomfort, in a testament to the narrative’s unyielding boldness.

with minimalist yet exquisitely crafted animations, the series unfolds like a meticulously choreographed dance of contrasting colors. every frame is a masterpiece, meticulously composed to draw viewers into its hypnotic embrace. the cinematic shots are a symphony of visual storytelling, bringing forward a brilliance i remember witnessing in
Denis Villeneuve high-budget films.

there are similarities to Neon Genesis Evangelion‘s later episodes, yet Bakemonogatari effortlessly sidesteps the pitfalls of budget constraints or rushed animation. instead, every detail feels purposeful, meticulously designed to immerse viewers in its enigmatic world. adding to this is the japanese world play, kanji explanations, newspaper scrapes and stock images that lend the series its unique collage-like charm.

bogdan » classroom of the elite

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as a self-proclaimed relic of the past, venturing into the realm of new anime often feels like a gamble. i’m ancient in the eyes of my peers, but once in a while, a series breaks through the age barrier. enter Classroom of the Elite – an exception that’s managed to retain my attention amidst the generational shift.

one gripe i’ve developed with contemporary anime is the excessive use of CGI. the hand-drawn essence, synonymous with anime for me, seems lost. however, Classroom of the Elite sidesteps this issue with finesse. the animation remains crisp, seamlessly integrating CGI elements. the characters’ nuanced expressions, complemented by unique eye designs, draw you in. and let’s not forget the fan service, a context provider for some of the most intense exchanges since the era of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

i’ll confess – i’m not a fan of chess. to me, it’s not a “true” game. enter the realm of poker, a game where predicting opponents’ moves is the key to victory. watching Classroom of the Elite feels like observing a high-stakes poker match. you know who holds the power, but the unpredictability of each move keeps you on edge. it’s a high school hierarchy game where misfits are expected to rise, packed with plot twists that make the journey thrillingly unpredictable.

the series hints at inspirations from ’90s TV like The Pretender. a child prodigy manipulating situations despite an unassuming facade is a trope i’ve seen before. there are echoes of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion too. however, Classroom of the Elite delves deeper into characters’ psyches, blurring the lines between good and bad. The dialogues could easily fit a psychological drama set in a mental hospital, adding layers to the already multifaceted characters.

what caught my attention was its compactness. despite longer episodes, there’s no filler content. it’s so dense with detail that revisiting certain scenes becomes tempting.

but the cherry on top? naming episodes with well-curated quotes from works exploring the human psyche is a stroke of brilliance. it’s a subtle nod, indicating this anime’s true genre – a psychological thriller that keeps viewers hooked episode after episode.

bogdan » no comment..[youtube=http://www.youtub …

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no comment..

bogdan » «o zi bună se cunoaște de dimine …

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«o zi bună se cunoaște de dimineață»


bogdan » vida de nego é difícil, é difícil co …

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vida de nego é difícil, é difícil como quê

bogdan » no comment(s yet)[youtube=http://www.y …

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no comment(s yet)

bogdan » a catchy tune =):[youtube=http://www …

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a catchy tune =):

bogdan » i’m not a smoking fan. actually i kinda …

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i’m not a smoking fan. actually i kinda hate it. but i don’t think that showing pictures with destroyed lungs or other nasty things will stop kids from smoking. so, here’s a pro-smoking ad =)

bogdan » .. «bă, mi-a zis învățătoarea …

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.. «bă, mi-a zis învățătoarea la școală că poți să orbești de la asta, nu fii tâmpit!» ..

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