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12:15 pm on Jan 28, 2012 | read the article | tags:

i’ve got a bunch of sensors form my PhD. thesis. i won’t bother you with the details =). unfortunately i wasn’t very inspired in my choosing and i ended up with a bunch of accurate, but hard to access sensors. the ones i’m talking about are MPL115A1, SHT15 and TSL230R all from my favorite provider watterott.

i’ve roamed the internet for a while to find myself some Arduino libraries to access the sensors but failed to find what i wanted. so here’s what i came up with MPL115A1 Arduino library, SHT15 Arduino library and TSL230R Arduino library. the code is provided “as-is” and the work is based on roaming drone’s TSL230R tutorial, jim lindblom’s sparkfun MPL115A1 example code and nathan seidle’s sparkfun SHT15 example code.

tomorrow i’ll update this post with an example code and some wiring diagrams.

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