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11:01 pm on Jun 16, 2023 | read the article | tags:

comic books are one of my favorite things. i appreciate the storytelling power of this medium, with its small panels that serve as captivating pieces of art, weaving fantastic romantic tales filled with heroes and villains. seeking something different, i took a leap of faith and ordered the first volume of red sonja – she-devil with a sword from amazon, and boy, was i in for a treat.

i was immediately impressed by the artwork. the graphics are clean and rich in detail, with an overall hue that expertly sets the cinematic framing. red sonja herself is a likable, flawed character, guided by a strong moral compass. the first story arc of the book proved to be truly captivating, filled with intriguing plot twists that kept me sleepless after long days at work, when my eyes are weary.

now, delving into some technical aspects, the story takes place in a universe shared by conan the barbarian. it is a world of intense fighting and bloodshed, depicted with graphic images that are tasteful and restrained. the primary theme explored in the first arc revolves around religious manipulation and cultism, featuring a powerful depiction of red sonja as a character who exudes sexiness without veering into vulgarity. impressed by the initial volume, i promptly ordered the next two volumes as well.

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