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07:30 pm on Jun 10, 2023 | read the article | tags:

i must admit that i added skyshowtime to my long list of subscriptions for tulsa king and star trek. i was afraid to watch the new strange new worlds as my experience with voyager was mixed: had nice ideas, mixed feelings casting and that arc format which i hate, as it makes you wanna binge it.

as thursday evening i was pretty tired, i decided to skip any after-work work and check it out. i was really pleased. no obvious arc, stand-alone episodes, very nice casting (i dislike uhura’s casting as she’s not the sex-symbol i was expecting after michelle nichols and zoe saldana, and also dislike the character “know it all”, “shut up, wesley!” attitude) and amazing ideas – like the touching first episode in which they break the general order one to save an earth-like culture from self-destruction and pike’s facing his own mortality (something that i resonate profoundly with). anyways, good show! will keep you posted.

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